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Online Coaching

Your personalised and structured training programme will be created with my years of training expertise to ensure the best results possible !

I will create a custom nutrition programme for
you to encourage a healthy yet balanced diet
full of ALL the foods you love and enjoy 

Constant support will be provided alongside your personalised training and nutritional programmes. Along with scheduled check ins you will never feel as if you are on this journey alone, my job is to help you feel in constant control and so I will be here every step of the way to ensure that !

I will work closely with you to ensure every aspect of your programme is tailored to your lifestyle , work-life and nutritional preferences so that we can streamline the process as much as possible, all that is required from you is the willingness to put the work in


Your confidence and relationship with yourself and food is SO important to me and is the main driving force behind my coaching – I want you to feel empowered, amazing and STRONG !!!


About Me

Hi my name is Imi ! My life’s purpose is to empower women to ditch diet culture and build a strong relationship with themselves and food all whilst ENJOYING the entire process of creating their dream body !
As a qualified Level 3 Personal trainer I have worked with lots of busy , hard working women in the gym who wanted to change their lives, but found the time constraints of many business women meant we were restricted in terms of how much I could help them . I created my Online Coaching business as it enabled me to give more hours to each client individually as well as reach more women across the world – my mission being to help as many women as possible feel AMAZING about themselves and their diets !
My fitness journey has many parts to it, having previously struggled with binge eating, over training and losing my cycle because of it, I have had to mend my relationship with myself and food over the years , as well as learn to train effectively for my goals !


“My mission in life is to abolish diet culture and encourage balance ! NO restriction in sight, whatever your goals we can achieve them together with a training programme you love and all the foods you enjoy in cooperated along the way!”

My coaching style varies from your traditional coach – I don’t want instant results from you in a matter of weeks , I want lasting results that come from the sustainable habits we create together that set you up for a lifetime of health and happiness !

My promise to you is that is IS POSSIBLE . You can ditch the diet fads, train less, eat more and achieve the results of your dreams – THAT is what we can achieve together !

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